Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different areas of the website for?


  • Products -=- Items available for purchase that are generally standalone items not requiring other devices to work, e.g. clock radio, Discman, etc.
  • Accessories -=- Items available for purchase which are add-ons or components for existing products.
  • Service -=- You may check on the status of an existing job or log a request for a new one.
  • Broadcast & Professional -=- Coming soon, will have products used by industry professionals.
  • Contact Us -=- Details on where to find City Central Electronics and how to contact our team.
  • Links -=- Links to our partners and suppliers.


    Q: What is the response time for enquiries?

    A: All enquiries will be answered as promptly as possible, generally within 1 - 2 working days.


    Q: How can I purchase online?

    A: There are two options available:

    • 1. Browse for products online and fill in the selection form, this will be followed up by a call back from the team at City Central Electronics to confirm your order and get billing details.
    • 2. Browse for products online, download the fax order form and fax that directly back to City Central Electronics.








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