Service Policy

The policies and procedures of City Central Electronics are in accordance with the Domestic Electronic Service Industry Advisory Code of Practice in NSW Business Affairs 1991.

Conditions of Service

If goods are not collected within 3 months of notice to the customer of completion of repair, service or estimate, the customer in having left the goods in exchange for a service receipt authorises City Central Electronics to dispose of the goods at their discretion. Further, the customer releases City Central Electronics from liability arising connected with such disposal wether by negligence or otherwise.

Estimates: If the estimate is not accepted a fee will be charged.

Warranty Service can only be carried out in accordance with the manufacturers warranty conditions. Warranty cards and purchase documents must be sighted before repairs can be commenced. Any repairs that are outside of the warranty provisions will be estimated if the cost exceeds the agreed limit.


Bankcard / MasterCard / Visa/EFTPOS/Amex facility available.

Repair Warranty

City Central Electronics warrants that for a period of 90 days after the redelivery of the goods to the customer following the completion of repair.

  1. City Central Electronics will replace any defective parts supplied by City Central Electronics in the repair without charge for parts or labour.
  2. City Central Electronics will effect any further repair work found to be necessary to satisfy the customer's original instructions / complaints without charge for labour, but any additional parts required will be charged at the prevailing rates.

Note: This warranty does not cover repair work that may be subsequently requested and which is not related to the customer's instructions / complaints for this repair. This other work will be effected on request with labour and parts being charged at the prevailing rates.








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